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Williams has some advice for Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik now officially has something common with acts like Geri Halliwell, Kevin from the Backstreet Boys, Paul from S Club 7, and Robbie Williams, who actually have a lot of advice for the former One Direction member.

When things just could not seem to get any better for el Maliko with those cheating rumors flying across and that Twitter feud between Naughty Boy and Louis, he has now got Robbie providing him a helping hand.

After tweeting a list of handy tips, Williams reportedly has reached out to Malik to offer him some actual and practical advice on how to deal with quitting a boyband fallout.

A close source told a leading UK-based tabloid that Robbie Williams feels a link with the lads as he walked in their shoes and it feels Zayn Malik’s departure shows his own days when he left Take That. Zayn was only a year older than Robbie when they joined their bands. They both did 5 years then felt they just had to leave.

The insider added that he sees himself as one of those people who could really understand what Zayn is now going through. He cares enough to offer advice, just like Elton did with him.

In a tweet, the former Take That star said: “Leaving a boyband? #overtoyouzayn #goodluckbuddy”



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