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What Happened to Delonte West? From NBA to Homeless

If you follow the NBA, chances are you’ve heard or seen rumors about former player Delonte West. Some of these rumors are especially strange, like Delonte dating Lebron James’ mom or that he was begging for money on the streets. But which are true?

We’ve investigated and found the answers for you. Read on to learn more about Delonte West and what happened to him.

Who is Delonte West?

Delonte West is a professional basketball player in the United States. He was first drafted in 2004 as the 24th pick by the Boston Celtics. He went on to have a decent length career during which he played for several different NBA teams.

Delonte played for the Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, and the Boston Celtics during his American career. He also had a brief basketball career in China, where he played for Fuijian Xunxing and the Shanghai Sharks.

Delonte West Age

Delonte West was born on July 26, 1983, in Washington D.C. He started his NBA career when he was just 21 and retired from basketball when he was just 32.

delonte west jersey
Delonte West in 2008. Photo by Keith Allison

Delonte West Jersey

During his college season, Delonte West was jersey number 15 at St. Joseph’s University. During his professional career, Delonte wore jersey number 13 whenever he played for an American team.

How Much Did Delonte West Earn in his Career?

During the years he played for the NBA, Delonte West earned an estimated $16 million. Of course, this doesn’t include the money he made playing for Chinese teams afterward. He used this money to purchase homes for both of his parents as well as an $8 million home for himself.

Is Delonte West in the Big 3?

According to the Bleach Report, Delonte West will be in the Big3 draft pool for the 2022 year. Fans shouldn’t count their blessings too fast, however, as this news has broken before, only for Delonte to be removed from the pool prior to drafting.

Does Delonte West have a Ring?

Although his NBA career was long, Delonte West did not win any championships and therefore does not have a ring.

What NBA Player Dated Lebron James’ Mom?

Supposedly, during his NBA career, Delonte West was dating Lebron James’ mother. When interviewed about the relationship, Delonte West denied that it existed. It still resulted in his transfer, however, to the Celtics from the Cavaliers.

Over the years, the rumor of Delonte West dating Lebron James’ mom proved to be false numerous times, yet many fans continue to perpetuate the rumor.

Why Did Delonte West Retire?

Delonte West retired from the NBA in 2012. He began suffering mental health issues in 2008 when a doctor formally diagnosed West with bipolar disorder. West, however, was in denial, stating it was just a brief bought of depression.

He fought the diagnosis until 2012 when he was suspended by the Dallas Mavericks multiple times due to arguing with other players and team managers. Despite being reinstated a few times, he was waived on October 29, 2012.

Delonte went on to play in China for 2 years as well as for an NBA D team, however, both times, he was released by teams shortly after a single season. He was also hired by a Venezuelan team at one point but released before he even played a game due to a hairline fracture in his left hand, which ended up ending his basketball career in 2015 for good.

What Happened to Delonte West?

Delonte’s downfall didn’t come quickly, rather, it was a long process that began in 2008 after his bipolar diagnosis. First, he began picking fights with teammates, and this led to him being released from the team after team.

Depressed that his life was falling apart, Delonte found himself unable to cope or afford the bills he was racking up. He also refused to take pills for his bipolar disorder, stating he would manage it on his own.

In 2009, things went from bad to worse when Delonte was discovered driving a motorcycle carrying 3 loaded guns, 2 handguns, and a shotgun. While he wasn’t arrested, he did serve probation, and this put a mark on his previously clean record.

It was also around this time Delonte began to have spending problems, propelling himself further into poverty. So angry at his declining career, rather than selling memorabilia to make money, he trashed most of his possessions, which only further damaged his mental health.

In 2011, Delonte West took a job working at Home Depot to make money but apparently, that didn’t even last, as in 2016, photos of Delonte West panhandling in Maryland surfaced. West stated that he wasn’t homeless but rather just helping another homeless individual panhandle, fans didn’t believe the rumors.

In 2020, Delonte West was photographed in handcuffs. Supposedly he was in a fight with other homeless people, however, the details of the fight were not released.

In 2021, Delonte West was once again caught panhandling. This time, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban went to go get Delonte. He picked him up, paid for his rehab, and even set him up with a financial advisor. It worked for a while, as in 2021, it was reported that Delonte was working at the rehab center and was once again healthy.

It did not last, however, and in July 2022, Delonte West was spotted panhandling in Virginia.


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How did Delonte West Lose his Money?

Delonte West lost most of his money because he continued to live outside his means after his NBA career ended. His home at the time was worth $8 million, and Delonte had to sell his possessions to make ends meet.

Where is Delonte West Now?

According to the latest reports, Delonte West is in Virginia with his second wife, Caressa Suzzette Madden, whom he married in 2013. The couple has two sons, one of which is named Cash.

Delonte West’s wife maintains a low profile keeping herself and keeping their children away from media attention.

Delonte West supposedly has a deal coming up with Big3, however, the deal has fallen through in the past. According to one interview, Delonte refuses to take bipolar medication and instead tries to manage his disease without medical intervention.

How Much is Delonte West Worth?

Delonte West’s net worth is believed to be about $1,000. Basically, he has nothing.

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